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Find us on Facebook

September 17, 2009

Click the icon to find us

That’s right, you can now find IndyRetreats on Facebook. It’s simple. Our URL (that’s jargon for a web address) is, or you can simply click the icon here…

So far, we’ve found nearly 20 of you there, but we know there are many more Pilgrims and Pescadores out there! If you’ve friended us there, or if you’re a follower of this blog, please send a link or friend suggestion to those in your community.

Let’s make full use of the Internet to remain connected. DE COLORES!!!


Kairos Prison Ministry

March 15, 2008

I ran across this video on YouTube titled “My Kairos” and I think it explains the prison retreat weekend pretty well…

For more information about this life-transforming ministry and how you can become involved, please visit:
Kairos International
My Kairos.

An Indiana page is coming soon to the Kairos International website. For more information on Indiana Kairos, please contact Linda Rinker or John Miller. Linda is the statewide palanca coordinator for Kairos and John is working to get the Indiana Kairos page online.