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MeHello, my name is Chris Doyle. I attended North Florida Tres Dias #1 where I sat at the Table of John. My wife, Tracy, and I were involved in that community from its inception in 1989 until we moved to Indiana in 2006. We have also been involved in North Georgia Tres Dias and Vida Nueva, North Florida Vida Nueva and Indy Tres Dias communities. My goal in launching a website and blog is to build unity between our sister communities in Indiana. Whether you’re Catholic or Protestant, Pescadore or Pilgrim, you have a place at our table. We want to help spread the love of Christ through the network of 4th Day/Christian Renewal communities across our state and the globe.

My wife, two girls, two dogs, a bunny and I live in Fishers, Indiana, where we relocated in December 2006. After spending 20 years in Florida, I decided it was time to move home and to give my kids a taste of Hoosier hospitality. We sporadically attend The Dwelling Place (co-located with New Paradigm in Broad Ripple) and Christ The Savior Lutheran Church (in Fishers). We’re hoping to get involved in as many local communities as possible, so we can meet more of you, our brothers and sisters in the faith.

Update Sept. 2009:
Unfortunately, we haven’t met as many of you as we had hoped to, but soon. Life just gets in the way sometimes…like with this blog. It hasn’t been updated in a number of months. I’ve been busy with some other projects, like my new blog Never Again! online Holocaust memorial, and raising my two girls. No excuses, though, we’re getting back into the swing things and will have this blog and the website back in tip-top shape.

Oh, and for those of you on Facebook, we have a profile there, too. Won’t you friend us?


3 Responses to “Meet your host”

  1. Angie Keller Says:


    Great job! I can’t wait to share this with my VDC & Great Banquet friends! Our pastor and his wife are part of The Way of the Bretheren, or the Bretheren Way, based near Kokomo, I think. I didn’t see that movement listed. Lou was also a spiritual director on this past weekend (26), so you might be able to get some info from him on it.
    Thanks for doing this. What a great resource!

    Tres Dias 21
    Table of Love

  2. John Miller Says:

    Thanks Chris,
    We would like to add our website for Kairos of Indiana as soon as it is ‘more stable’ I will contact you fairly soon to let you know. Thank you for what you are doing.
    John Miller

  3. chris Says:

    Thanks Angie and John! Can’t wait to see the new Indy Kairos page.

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