Share YOUR Weekend or 4th Day Experience

If you’ve just made a weekend, served a weekend or remember your renewal retreat as if it was yesterday, then we want to hear from you!

The conversation is open to any cursillistas, pilgrims or pescadores, so come and share your story. Go down to the comments section and post your weekend or 4th day experience. You don’t need a login or WordPress account, just your name and an e-mail address (which won’t be posted, by the way).

Whether you made Cursillo, Great Banquet, Kairos Outside, Tres Dias, Via de Cristo, Walk to Emmaus or any other type of Christian Renewal weekend, we want to hear your story–good, bad or indifferent. And if you want to become a regular contributor to this blog, BY ALL MEANS, send me an e-mail.

I’d like for everyone to start their post with this standard “rank-and-serial” intro (i.e. “Chris Doyle, North Florida Tres Dias #1, Table of John), then just tell us what’s on your mind. If you’d like, you can just link us to your blog, but do so in the comments section below. Okay, who’s going to start the convo?


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5 Responses to “Share YOUR Weekend or 4th Day Experience”

  1. Crystal Paschal Says:

    Crystal Paschal
    New Life Lamplighter #2
    Table of Ruth!

    I was blessed to spend the last 72 hours serving at New Hope Great Banquet #38 as a speaker (Talk #8 – A Life of Christian Action). New Hope is a community founded with the added goal of fostering racial reconciliation. We have been blessed this set of weekends to have a large number of guests from the Hispanic community join our banquet family. God was gracious; He supplied us with the translators and equipment to make this weekend meaningful for ALL who attended, regardless of their native language.

    I think this blog is a great idea and would love to keep you informed of events in the New Hope Great Banquet Community.

    De Colores!

  2. Kathy Bishop Says:

    This ended up on my blog by mistake – it should have gone to you…from a great, great friend of mine

    Mamaw in Charleston said…

    How fantastic to come onto a blog of spiritual renewal family! My husband and I attended this fantastic Emmaus weekend 17 years ago on weekends 5 and 6 in the Lowcountry of SC community. We both served on several weekends, sponsored many pilgrims, including our daughters on chrysalis, and have had just an unbelievable 4th day – continually for 17 years! since that time, we have both retired from our jobs at age 62 – my husband has gone into the ministry as a ‘retirement career’ in the United Methodist church. This weekend – as we speak, we have two ‘sponge-type’ pilgrims on Lowcountry Emmaus walk #65. These ladies worship in the two country churches my husband serves – God is so so good – all the time! After our fantastic weekend 17 years ago – never thought I’d say the 4th days are the best part of the renewal! Talk about being set free! allelujia!!

    April 11, 2008 1:27 PM

  3. Ryan Says:

    I just made Good News Via de Cristo 42 this weekend where I sat at the table of David.

    I am two hours into my fourth day. I am so on fire right now, but I have to be careful! The thing that hit me most was finally during the serenade I understood that “this was all for me.” Everything was just for me. I will never forget that.

  4. inknform Says:

    De Colores! brothers & sisters in Christ!

    my name is Clint Scallin
    Men`s Gold Coast Via De Christo # 76
    Table of John

    This past weekend (April 11-13, 2008) was a time of true reflection for me. It was a time of fun, fellowship, prayer, and meditation with the Sons of God who had endured the trials and tribulations of life and were determined to rise above through the love & strength of Jesus Christ.

    I had experienced my FIRST men`s bible retreat @ GC Via De Cristo over the past friday, saturday & sunday, and it was an experience that was literally life changing. Not just a change in lifestyle, but an inward change…a change of heart. The 3-days were filled with laughing, crying, sharing, good food, and abundant blessings.

    It was a time to remove ourselves from the influences & distractions of the world, to leave our pride and selfishness at the foot of the cross and have total commitment and focus on our Lord & Savior. Each of the men that attended had come from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, but we all gathered for one reason: to allow our HEART to be opened to God`s Word and allow Him to break us down and build us back up.

    We all showed up that first day with all sorts of baggage, but we left with a Spiritual re-charge & a real sense of purpose, hope, & love in our Lord & Savior.

    Jesus loves you, and so do I…

  5. pinkhammer Says:

    Hello! To read about what I learned at The Walk to Emmaus click here!

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