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God At Work in Kairos and Great Banquet

April 18, 2008

Bill Farrar’s comments on Indiana Kairos:

It was a tremendous blessing to be the leader for Pendleton Correctional Facility Kairos #1 held at PCF last Fall with several of the offenders coming to know the Lord for the first time and many renewing their commitment. Most of the offenders from PCF Kairos #1 have continued to meet in weekly Share and Prayer Fellowship Groups on their own then meet once a month with our outside team that goes in on the second Saturday each month for joint team and offender Share and Prayer Fellowship Groups. We will host 42 inmates for a 72 hour “mountain top experience” during this Spring weekend. Prison Officials and the Prison Chaplains are once again excited and supportive. The Holy Spirit is truly at work.

This past year, we have been blessed that several other Central Indiana correctional facilities have welcomed Kairos to come into their facilities including Pendleton Correctional Facility (maximum security), Pendleton Correctional Industrial Facility (minimum security) Kairos #3, Miami Correctional Facility Kairos #2, Plainfield Correctional Facility Kairos #2 and Indiana Women’s Prison #8. We will conduct 2 weekends a year (Spring and Fall) at each of the Pendleton facilities. Kairos Torch also started their weekends at the Juvenile Correctional Facility in Pendleton last Fall. That’s 3 facilities in Pendleton, with 6 combined weekends per year, bringing the Love of God to over 250 men and boys a year (just a few miles away from us).

Some of the most spiritual moments of my life have been inside prison walls with the Kairos Prison Ministry. A spirit of peace comes over me as I look at walls covered with Agape…to the utter amazement of the inmates. I see the children inside these men come alive as 3,500 dozen cookies are wheeled in…and given away in God’s love. It’s truly amazing to see how simple chocolate chip cookies can impact a big, tough inmate. Most have never experienced God’s love…face to face…hand to hand…heart to heart. Some cry…all smile and laugh…and many are changed forever by the Holy Spirit. They come to Him as small children…broken by their choices…desperate for grace. They leave having been given a message that is theirs to keep if they so choose: “Welcome Home”.

(March 31, 2008 e-mail from Bill Farrar)

Excerpts from Morgan Young’s (Kokomo Great Banquet) blog:

I finally did it. For years I said I’d never go. But I did. I went through the Kokomo Great Banquet…The level of servitude exemplified at the KGB is totally unique and unlike anything I’ve seen at a local level. It is one of the subtle yet powerful aspects of the weekend…As I thought about the weekend I was wowed by the great people who led it. By the hundreds of volunteers. By the amazing amount of behind-the-scenes prayer that is before, during, and after everything at the KGB. By how many guys were rocked by the power, love, grace and mercy of Christ. By guys who accepted Christ. Guy’s who recommitted to Christ. By guys who willingly told remarkably revealing stories of how God met them in their shortcomings and darkest days.

Read the rest of Morgan’s heartfelt blog here.

These excerpts were used with permission of the authors. Thanks to both Bill and Morgan for allowing me to reprint them here. DE COLORES!


Share YOUR Weekend or 4th Day Experience

April 4, 2008

If you’ve just made a weekend, served a weekend or remember your renewal retreat as if it was yesterday, then we want to hear from you!

The conversation is open to any cursillistas, pilgrims or pescadores, so come and share your story. Go down to the comments section and post your weekend or 4th day experience. You don’t need a login or WordPress account, just your name and an e-mail address (which won’t be posted, by the way).

Whether you made Cursillo, Great Banquet, Kairos Outside, Tres Dias, Via de Cristo, Walk to Emmaus or any other type of Christian Renewal weekend, we want to hear your story–good, bad or indifferent. And if you want to become a regular contributor to this blog, BY ALL MEANS, send me an e-mail.

I’d like for everyone to start their post with this standard “rank-and-serial” intro (i.e. “Chris Doyle, North Florida Tres Dias #1, Table of John), then just tell us what’s on your mind. If you’d like, you can just link us to your blog, but do so in the comments section below. Okay, who’s going to start the convo?