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Let’s see how far we’ve come!

March 29, 2008

Well, we made our first month a productive one. Since launching February 26th, we’ve managed to attract hundreds of interested Christ-followers and curious others. Our website is now indexed with all the major search engines–Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. We’ve been linked to by El Shaddai Emmaus CommunityIndy Tres Dias, INKY Via de Cristo and a Worldwide Cursillo directory. We’ve made treks across the blogosphere to leave encouraging messages on a number of different blogs (and received some kind words in return–see the comments below).

Additionally, we’ve updated the Kairos Retreat page (which someone took upon themselves to remove, so now there’s a small paragraph on this page) and added one for Tres Dias on Wikipedia. We’ve reached out to most of the 4th-day communities in Indiana, offering site links, palanca and other assistance.

About two weeks ago, we created MySpace and Facebook pages, as well. Anyone with an account should stop by and consider adding us as friends. We belong to a number of 4th-day community groups on both sites, which you can link to from our profile page(s).

We’ve been quite busy the last 30 days, and we’re happy to continue.

Our web hosting service is StartLogic and they are very inexpensive. And so far, they’ve provided adequate support. Any communities thinking of making a move, should look into them or contact me and I’ll walk you though the process. You should also offer your community a blog, like this one hosted by WordPress, so that people can stay connected, make comments/suggestions, leave palanca, etc. I can help there, too.

Well, that’s it for a one-month update. We hope to make many more connections over the coming months. If you have something to share, please leave a comment or e-mail me ( De Colores!


Kairos Prison Ministry

March 15, 2008

I ran across this video on YouTube titled “My Kairos” and I think it explains the prison retreat weekend pretty well…

For more information about this life-transforming ministry and how you can become involved, please visit:
Kairos International
My Kairos.

An Indiana page is coming soon to the Kairos International website. For more information on Indiana Kairos, please contact Linda Rinker or John Miller. Linda is the statewide palanca coordinator for Kairos and John is working to get the Indiana Kairos page online.

Share your 4th Day experience

March 8, 2008

Woohoo! Our 2nd blog post!

I want to open the conversation to as many cursillistas, pilgrims and pescadores as possible, so come and share your story. Go down to the comments section and post your weekend or 4th day experience. You don’t need a login or WordPress account, just your name and an e-mail address (which won’t be posted, by the way).

Whether you made Cursillo, Great Banquet, Kairos Outside, Tres Dias, Via de Cristo, Walk to Emmaus or any other type of Christian Renewal weekend, we want to hear your story–good, bad or indifferent. And if you want to become a regular contributor to this blog, BY ALL MEANS, send me an e-mail.

We’re also looking for information on your particular community, whether you live in Evansville, Indy or Shipshewana (sp?). We’d like to feature at least one Indiana 4th day community a month on this blog and our website–

If you want to know a little about my story, you can click here (link to another blog) or simply go to the “Meet your host” link to the right. In summary, I’m a 20-year Pescadore in the Tres Dias movement–North Florida Tres Dias #1, Table of John.

I’d like for everyone to start their post with this standard “rank-and-serial” intro, then just tell us what’s on your mind. If you’d like, you can just link us to your blog, but do so in the comments section below. Okay, who’s going to start the convo?