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February 26, 2008

Hey, there! Glad you found us. We are, your online portal to Indiana’s 4th Day Renewal Communities. What does that mean, you ask? Well, we created a single online resource for Christian communities, most of whom find their origins in the Cursillo de Christiandad, such as Cursillo, Great Banquet, Kairos, Tres Dias, Walk To Emmaus, Via de Cristo and others. You’ll find links to all those communities on our site.

And what do we ask for in return? Just that you keep us posted on upcoming weekend dates and palanca/agape needs. Oh, and be sure to check back often.

We’ll keep you abreast of new communities as they come online, post weekend dates, update palanca/agape contacts and do our best to keep the information fresh and relevant. What I found in surfing the web for Christian Renewal Weekends is a bunch of disconnected sites with broken links and outdated information. Fortunately, many Indiana communities have vibrant sites with accurate information and you can find the majority of them listed here. If you don’t see a community listed, please bring it to my attention with a quick e-mail to

You can also submit an article for this blog and the website. E-mail submissions to me at the address above. What we’re looking for are general information stories about your community, upcoming weekends/events or related stories about the movement in general (i.e. Cursillo, Tres Dias, What’s most important is that we get to know the character of the community, so that when curious visitors find this site, they’ll know that the love of Christ is prevalent there.

We look forward to serving your information needs.


Chris Doyle Webservant